Westell Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of in-building wireless (IBW), intelligent site management (ISM), cell site optimization (CSO) , and outside plant (OSP) solutions focused on innovation and differentiation at the edge of telecommunication networks, where end users connect. The Company’s comprehensive set of products and solutions enable telecommunication service providers and other network operators to improve network performance and reduce operating expenses. With millions of products successfully deployed worldwide, Westell is a trusted partner for transforming networks into high quality, reliable systems.

ClearLink® In-building Wireless

Did you know that an average of 75% of wireless calls start within a building? While in these buildings, it is common for mobile customers to experience poor or non-existent capacity, coverage and performance issues. And, unbeknownst to many, these issues do not lie solely with the wireless carrier, but more so with the structure of the building itself.

As more people utilize mobile devices and data-intensive services in areas such as stadiums, universities, airports and office buildings, the demand for wireless coverage across a reliable network continues to increase dramatically.

The Leading Solution
Enter Westell’s ClearLink®, the industry-leading in-building wireless solution that provides the core infrastructure needed to facilitate or extend wireless services into buildings of all types and sizes. Designed to improve network performance while minimizing operating and capital costs, ClearLink® ensures the premium wireless coverage and capacity required to optimize the customer experience.

ClearLink® In-Building Wireless (IBW) solutions

Westell offers a line of antennas and their corresponding hardware to support in-building wireless communications. Directional antennas are offered for external base station connectivity and omni-directional distribution antennas are offered for internal aggregation and distribution.

Westell’s antennas are available with various gain levels and directivity options depending upon the specific application requirements.

Available antenna options include:

Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDAs)
Westell’s, formerly CSI, Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) provide a means to receive and amplify the signal from a cellular tower for distribution throughout a building or structure allowing users to utilize mobile phones within a facility. Available in a variety of gain and power options, Westell BDAs have been utilized in nearly every application including tunnels, campus environments, high-rise office buildings, warehouses, and residential locations. ClearLink DAS
ClearLink DAS is an advanced in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) used to enhance high-speed cellular technologies, such as LTE, and provide outstanding coverage with superior data rates within buildings. Westell’s ClearLink® DAS is engineered to deliver exceptional system performance with unparalleled flexibility and scalability, and provides advanced features to simplify DAS commissioning and optimization.

Westell’s ClearLink® DAS addresses the Near-Far problem. The ClearLink DAS mitigates signal degradation and subsequent performance issues caused by Near-Far performance reduction when a mobile device is operating within a DAS coverage area, but is being serviced by a distant macro cell tower. Learn more about DAS Near-Far.

Learn more about ClearLink DAS:

DAS RF Conditioners
Westell’s In-building DAS RF Conditioners products optimize network performance. Our DAS RF Conditioners provide the flexibility to suit a variety of system requirements and are for future expansion. These products are available in both active (aka UDIT) and passive (aka DIU) models and are capable of covering single service provider, neutral host, or multicarrier systems.

Westell’s DAS RF Conditioner product lines include:

System Components
System components (aka passive devices) are utilized as part of a distributed antenna system (DAS) to direct the energy flow for specific frequency bands. Westell offers an extensive line of standard components as well as PIM complaint system components to meet a variety of DAS requirements. These passive components, which include the following products, are available in multiple port configurations, power options and connector types.

Standard Passive Components

ClearLink® Low PIM Passives
At Westell we are dedicated to providing high performance products that meet or exceed the typical PIM measurement to deliver the most superior DAS possible. Available in type N, DIN, or 4.3-10 connectors*, our ClearLink PIM rated passives are tested and approved to meet carrier requirements of = -153 dBc and -161, measured with 2 tones @ +43 dBc.

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