Spotwave provides carrier-approved, indoor wireless coverage solutions; giving you reliable, "always-on" wireless coverage indoors. We offer wireless carriers and enterprise customers a simple, affordable, effective way to ensure wireless devices have great coverage indoors, where they are used the most. The benefits of Spotwave's products for both our enterprise and business customers, and for carriers are clear.

For enterprise customers – Spotwave helps organizations in a variety of environments maximize their return on wireless investment with a solution which will boost your indoor coverage and employee mobility – that's great for business.

For carrier customers – Spotwave's indoor coverage solutions help win new business, increase retention, differentiate on coverage and ensure customer satisfaction.

Indoor Wireless Coverage Systems

Spotwave's carrier-approved, indoor wireless coverage systems seamlessly bring the outdoor signal inside - ensuring cell phones, PDAs and 3G/4G laptop air cards work reliably indoors where they are being SPOTWAVE® | Indoor Wireless Coverage Systemused more often.

SpotCell indoor wireless coverage systems are the solution of choice for both carriers and enterprise customers looking to boost in-building cellular signal and reception.

From small offices and multi-tenant locations, to hospitals and warehouses, Spotwave has scalable solutions to meet the wireless needs of almost any business customer.

Commercial Products

Commercial Facilities up to 20,000 sq ft

  • SpotCell 1000 *New*

    Commercial Facilities up to 25,000 sq ft

  • SpotCell 2500
  • SpotCell 2000 Flex Repeater *New*

    Commercial Facilities up to 50,000 sq ft

  • SpotCell 2500
  • SpotCell 3000 Flex Repeate *New*

    Commercial Facilities Above 50,000 sq ft

  • Custom Solutions for Large Areas

    Extension Antennas

  • Coverage Units & Extensions

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