The WebMux™ company, only load balancer offers 3 years warranty, provides high availability to your site with top performance. WebMux™ provides load balancing and failover capability to any servers. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP, DNS, and Terminal Servers.

CAI Networks Solutions

Solutions from CAI Networks mean faster and more reliable IP management

Computing systems today are more critical than ever before, and demands for high availability, reliability, performance, and security continue to grow and grow. CAI Networks creates hardware and software products that keep IP-based environments up and available, reliable, high performing, and secure. Our solutions, properly deployed, can mean the difference between a successful online business and the failure of a business.

In today’s computing marketplace, high-availability, high-reliability, high-performance, and high-security are usually synonymous with high-priced. We understand that high-cost solutions are difficult to justify and often are out of reach for many companies and organizations, despite the fact that the needs may be just as great. CAI Networks products are renowned for their reliability, effectiveness, and affordability, delivering the functionality you require at a price you can afford. Our solutions offer benefits in four key Web management areas:

+ Availability

Any company, organization, or individual with a Web site, portal, or Web-based application wants it up all the time. Even the smallest order for the smallest retailer will take its toll in revenue and customer satisfaction; after all, on the Web, a competitor is just a mouse-click away. A hardware fault, downed line, or other failure can take your site offline, even without you knowing it. So the question is not whether a Web site should always be up and available but how to accomplish that: is it technically achievable and is the solution affordable.

+ Reliability

Reliability is the number one concern with networking, and what our customers keep telling us over and over again is what they appreciate about our products. We use only top quality components in our products and even safeguard against the most common failure, hard disk failure, by not using one -- we use solid state flash memory instead. Equipment we originally delivered to customers five years ago is still in normal operation without ever being serviced.

Should one of your redundant Web servers fail, our equipment will detect that and take it out of service, automatically switching the traffic to designated active servers at the same location or in a different location based upon your configuration. Should our equipment fail, a hot standby unit will immediate take over the work. This gives you reliability for both your equipment and ours, regardless of the cause of failure.

+ Performance

Performance is a critical issue for many Web sites and Web-based applications. Even if a Web site is available, if it is too slow the user may abandon it for a faster sight. With the increasingly fast connetion speeds users enjoy from broadband connections, the speed difference between a slow site and a fast site become even more obvious. Even if you have a fast site, it may not be fast for everyone: users who are geographically far away from where your site is hosted are likely to experience slow response because they must go through several Internet servers to reach your site.

+ Security

Perhaps of paramount importance in Web site management is security. Even the fastest and most reliable Web site can be brought to its knees or taken offline if its security is comprised. Hacking, denial of service attacks, and other mischief can not only disable access to your site, malicious intruders can compromise your own data and that your customers have trusted you to safeguard.

+ Our confidence is your confidence

CAI Networks achieves these benefits with out-of-the-box solutions you can implement yourself that are well supported, proven in the marketplace, highly recommended, and very affortable. In fact, we are so confident about the quality, reliability, and ease of use of our products, each includes a three-year warranty and three years of support.

+ WebMux™  Network appliance for balancing IP traffic in a local area across a pool of web servers. It uses layer 4 to layer 7 protocols to manage the traffic and persistence. Manages performance by automatically allocating traffic across multiple servers, and availability by bypassing any server that should fail. Includes various security features to prevent various forms of attacks that could comprise web site availability. Since 2007, WebMux also incorporates some of our patent pending smart grid technology. To view the WebMux Data Sheet, click here. To view the WebMux Prouct Matrix, click here.

+ DnsMux™  Network appliance for balancing IP traffic in a wide area across multiple web hosting sites. Manages performance by automatically allocating traffic across multiple sites, each of which may have multiple servers, and availability by bypassing any site that should fail. Can optimize performance for each user by routing them to the geographically closest site to their location. To view the DnsMux Data Sheet, click here.

+ CAI-RSA Cards™  CAI Networks' CAI-RSA SSL acceleration cards provide enhanced performance for WebMux™ and FireSafe™ installations that process significant SSL traffic. Based on industry's most advanced SSL co-processor chip, CAI-RSA3500 and CAI-RSA7000 SSL Acceleration cards provide top performance and best stability. To view the CAI-RSA Card Product Matrix, click here.

+ WebSpray™  Windows-based software that stress-tests web servers to determine their capacity. Simulates high levels of traffic in various patters and reports results. Detects broken links and other errors. To view the WebSpray Data Sheet, click here.

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